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Best Foods to Eat and Avoid During Diarrhea

What is Diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea is an intestinal disorder characterized by loose stools and a frequent need to eliminate, both of which leads to dehydration, the second leading cause of death among young children ages five below.

Causes of Diarrhoea

Diarrhoea is categorized as acute or chronic. Acute diarrhoea is often due to food contamination, food intolerance, and medication.

Meanwhile, chronic diarrhoea is a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Chronic diarrhoea could last for a month and reoccur between normal bowel movements.

Best Foods to Eat for Diarrhoea

Also known as the BRAT diet, the combination of bananas, rice, apples, and toast is ideal for the prevention and treatment of diarrhoea. These bland foods provide nourishment and health benefits for your weakened digestive system.

BRAT diet

1. Bananas

Bananas contain a high level of pectin, a water-soluble and non-digestible fiber. As pectin reaches the colon, it undergoes fermentation to produce short-chain fatty acids that stimulate water and salt absorption; hence, giving your stool a more ideal consistency. Likewise, bananas energize you by replenishing your potassium levels.

2. Rice

Rice is very effective at curbing diarrhoea, especially steamed or boiled white rice. White rice can treat (acute) diarrhoea, although it may also depend on its severity. White rice is a binding food. Its lack of dietary fiber makes your stool more solid.

3. Apples

Apples help stimulate your appetite. You need to eat more so you can take in the essential nutrients that weren’t fully absorbed by your body. Apples also prevent nausea, as well as contain high levels of pectin just like bananas. Know that pectin also protects your gut lining by stimulating the production of mucus.

4. Toasted bread

Toasted bread doesn’t contain dietary fiber as well; thus, it bulks up your stool. It is the best source of carbohydrates for diabetics with chronic diarrhoea.


Munching pretzels can help restore the electrolyte imbalance caused by diarrhoea due to the high amount of calcium and sodium it contains.


Yogurt is rich in probiotics that feature curative and preventive effects against diarrhoea. Eating yogurt helps address the root cause of the condition instead of alleviating its symptoms.
Probiotics exhibit both curative and preventive properties against diarrhoea. Eating yogurt adds a multitude of beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract. Unlike Imodium, probiotics instead of merely assuaging its symptoms. It works by restoring and maintaining your gut flora.

Foods that Aggravate Diarrhoea

1. Fatty foods

Say goodbye for a while to bacon, sausages, thick sauces, and the like. These foods are often the culprits of diarrhoea as there are individuals who have trouble absorbing fat. It causes the colon to expel more water at a higher frequency due to the intestinal contraction that unabsorbed fat causes.


Diarrhoea reduces your body’s capability of hydrolyzing lactose. This phenomenon cause sugars from dairy products undigested. As a result, it aggravates your condition by causing gas and bloating. Nonetheless, the probiotic-rich yogurt is a wonderful exception.


When you find yourself having a bout of diarrhoea, eat the foods listed above to help you recover fast. The key is to eat simple foods that are highly digestible. That is why the BRAT diet is perfect for your weakened stomach. To prevent its recurrence, make a habit of eating yogurt every day to strengthen your gut integrity. To prevent its recurrence, make a habit of eating yogurt every day to strengthen your gut integrity. For more healthy eating tips – join the discussion at Supplements2u.